Xi Jinping’s Minister Says China ‘Deeply Worried’ About Ukraine War Escalation: ‘Urge Certain Countries To Stop Fueling Fire’


China, on Tuesday, said it is "deeply worried" about the Ukraine conflict escalation and the possibility of the situation spiraling out of control.

What Happened: Chinas Foreign Minister Qin Gang, during a speech targeting the U.S., said, We urge certain countries to immediately stop fueling the fire.

Gang said the West must also stop hyping up today Ukraine, tomorrow Taiwan.'

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We stand firmly against any form of hegemony, against any foreign interference in Chinas affairs.

Beijing has repeatedly sought to position itself as neutral in the war while at the same time has been deepening ties with Vladimir Putin. Shortly before Moscow ordered its troops into Ukraine, Xi Jinping and Putin announced a "no limits" partnership last year.

The U.S. has also expressed concerns that China could be providing "lethal support" to Putin for the Ukraine war. However, China denies doing it and has warned of "serious consequences in our (U.S.-China) relationship."

This came after top Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi, on Monday, called for a negotiated settlement to the ongoing war in Ukraine during a stopover in Hungary ahead of the Moscow visit.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden paid a surprise visit to Kyiv on Monday marking his first trip to Ukraine since Putins invasion began In February last year. The president said the U.S. administration would back the war-torn nation in its fight against Russia for as long as it takes.

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