Nothing Is Integrating ChatGPT With Its Entire Audio Lineup This Month


Nothing is expanding ChatGPT integration to its entire audio device lineup as well as all the earphones launched under its CMF brand. The London-based smartphone brand launched the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear A last month which were the first wireless earphones from the brand to get a native integration of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Users could trigger the chatbot by just pinching the stem of the device. Now, this functionality is being expanded to all the earphones by the brand.

The announcement came from the official X (formerly known as Twitter) handle of Nothing, which also mentioned the list of earphones that will be getting the feature. As per the company, Ear 1, Ear Stick, Ear 2, CMF Buds, CMF Neckband Pro, and CMF Buds Pro will also receive ChatGPT integration. Interestingly, this list also includes the Ear 1, the first wireless earphones by the company.

However, there are a couple of caveats before users can access ChatGPT directly through their earphones. First, there is a double opt-in process. Nothing co-founder and CEO Carl Pei explained in a separate post that users will have to first download the ChatGPT app on the smartphone, and then configure the trigger to activate the chatbot via the Nothing X app. Further, the integration will only work when the earphones are paired with Nothing’s smartphones. However, once these conditions are met, users can easily access the AI model without requiring the phone.

The ChatGPT integration allows users to ask a verbal query to the chatbot and get the response directly via the earphones. This integration is expected to be improved now that OpenAI has unveiled the GPT-4o model which offers real-time verbal conversations and emotive voices. Further, with real-time video processing, the user can also show the chatbot something and get an instant response about it. These features are slowly being rolled out by the AI firm.

While the list does not include the Nothing Ear and Ear A earphones, they already have the ChatGPT integration. Launched in April, the earphones are equipped with 11mm dynamic drivers, support up to 45dB ANC, and feature a transparency mode. Both the earphones sport an in-ear detection feature as well as allow Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair.