Simplify, then Add Lightness – Consolidating the Technology to Better Defend Ourselves

Cyber Security

One of the biggest consequences of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape is that defenses must constantly build bigger systems to defend themselves.

This leads to both more complex systems and often less communication between them. More importantly, it can lead companies to invest in disparate “best in class” components instead of finding the best fit for their needs.

The constant arms race means that companies often get bigger, more powerful tools that can’t handle the nuanced threats they face. For instance, in a car race, it’s not often the fastest, most powerful car that wins, but the one that is more balanced, lighter, and more able to turn and react when needed.

In a new live webinar, Cynet Chief Strategist Chris Roberts breaks down why the philosophy of “simpler is better” is just what cybersecurity needs (register here).

The webinar will focus on how quickly cybersecurity stacks are growing and how this is not always a good thing. Companies are too focused on betting bigger and stronger than they are willingly sacrificing their ability to respond agilely to a new, unexpected threat.

Instead of building muscle cars that can go fast in a straight line, Roberts argues (following the philosophy of automaker Colin Chapman), it’s better to design racers that are agile, compact, and able to turn on a dime.

In the same way, it’s best to keep cybersecurity stacks lean and efficient as opposed to overly complex and overstuffed.

The webinar will also discuss:

  • The increasing need to have integrated and communicative tools. The best applications won’t be much good if they can’t operate together to defend your organization’s environment or respond to a threat effectively. Tools must be able to work in unison and communicate with each other at critical times.
  • Why we must do away with redundant tools and features, even if they sound important. We never need two things to do what one can do just as well. So why are we happy to double up on tools and pay more when it comes to cybersecurity? Sometimes, it’s better to find one tool that can do more.
  • How to start thinking about simplifying our cybersecurity stacks It’s not about removing things you need, but finding smarter ways to get them. Instead of focusing on best-in-class tools exclusively, it helps to find platforms that can consolidate multiple critical features in one location.

You can register here to join the webinar on April 28th and 29th.