PentestPad: Platform for Pentest Teams

Cyber Security

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the game-changers are those who adapt and innovate swiftly.

Pen test solutions not only supercharge productivity but also provide a crucial layer of objectivity, ensuring efficiency and exceptional accuracy. The synergy between a skilled penetration tester and the precision of pen testing solutions are crucial for staying on top of today’s high demand of security audits and daily rise of vulnerabilities and exploits.

How PentestPad Helps Pentest Teams

PentestPad is revolutionizing the way pentest teams operate, offering a comprehensive platform that enhances collaboration, and speeds up the process. From automated report generation to real-time collaboration and integrations with leading tools, PentestPad empowers teams to work efficiently, deliver high-quality results, and exceed client expectations. With customizable templates and a user-friendly interface, it’s the ultimate solution for pentest teams looking to elevate their performance and achieve exceptional results.

  • Automated Report Generation: PentestPad automates report generation, significantly reducing the time spent on manual documentation, and ensuring that reports are professional and comprehensive.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Team members can work together in real-time, enabling instant communication and the ability to share findings, insights, and solutions in a secure environment.
  • Integrations with Leading Tools: The platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of pentesting tools, allowing teams to leverage their preferred toolset without any friction.
  • Client Engagement: PentestPad enhances client engagement by providing a transparent and interactive platform where clients can monitor progress, view findings, and provide feedback.
  • Unified Platform: It provides a centralized hub for pentest teams to collaborate, manage projects, and track progress seamlessly.

In this quick walkthrough, we highlight the advantages that make one pen test tool a valuable ally. PentestPad helps navigate through blockers and boundaries, scheduled pen tests, vulnerability reports, retests and much more, so let’s take a look:

You Control the Scope

Make sure everything stays within the scope and time boundaries. Very often, especially when working in different time zones – pen testers will have to calculate what the current time for their client is, what is restricted from scope, etc. We make it very easy for them. When a project is created, out-of-scope IP or URL is specified and if needed, time boundaries are set. If a request is sent that interferes with those boundaries, the tool will alert you and reject any such traffic. If needed, the restrictions can always be changed or bypassed with adequate roles.

Powerful Project Management

The main page for project managers is a customizable Kanban board to fit your custom workflow. All project statuses are customizable to adapt your workflow.

However, there are a few elements that contribute to the learning curve. Once conquered, they will increase your productivity. Just by looking at one screen, you can grasp the stage and status of all projects across your team.

Besides the kanban board that is used for project management, a calendar view is also available. Here, you can view all projects, parallel assignments, meetings, and also sick leave as well as other events that are an important aspect of managing the workload.

Detect Pentest Activities and Classify Them

Activity logging is a feature that monitors HTTP traffic generated by pen testers and detects various behaviors. For example – if there are lots of HTTP requests sent to the same endpoint with slightly modified request body, the activity logger will detect and tag it as a brute force attack. This feature helps understand what caused downtime, or what resulted in a successful exploit of a vulnerability.

Another useful example would be working on a website full of JavaScript alerts. Amongst hundreds of payloads injected in the comments section by Burp scanner, the activity logger can very easily detect which request actually caused it.

Monitor Performance of Your Team

Performance monitoring is something that is hard to track unless you monitor all aspects of a pen test, and that is exactly what this feature does. It is a version of a traffic monitoring tool combined with utilizing key information such as findings and their impact/criticality. For example, this feature can be used to view how many projects a person is working on, how many findings they discovered, average criticality per finding, how many tasks they completed and their average findings per project.


This feature is the heart of PentestPad because it automates one of the most time-consuming tasks that is ultimately the only proof of a pen test. No more formatting issues, no more mixing tools, and no more sending vulnerability descriptions back and forth. PentestPad allows you to write project unique vulnerability information and just generate a report in a predefined, fully customizable template.

The tool auto generates PDF and DOCX from your templates and ready executive summaries based on project findings.


Another great feature is the semi auto retest functionality. With the help of AI-model, this feature will automatically detect if a previously discovered vulnerability is still present. Realistically, there are certain business logic vulnerabilities that will require human interaction. However, for common findings such as CSRF or XSS, the Retest functionality will have it handled.

Personalized Options

The tool fully supports white-labeling for reports, and gives customers the option to choose between cloud or on-premise implementation. Slack, Jira and Active Directory (LDAP) integrations are supported.

All PentestPad features are designed and developed by the joint effort of pen testers who wished to make pen test projects more painless and straightforward, and savor the time to focus on the more interesting aspects of pen testing and hacking.

Simply put, PentestPad saves time, eliminates repetitive tasks whenever possible, and gets the job done. It is a reliable partner to pen testers, and a valuable addition to the team.

If you would like to learn more about PentestPad, you can book a demo to try it yourself.

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